I’m New Here

Welcome, Visitors!
An Invitation

We are glad that you have come our way.  If you would, let us share for a moment what we believe God’s people are called to be–that is, Christ’s vision for his church.

The vision Christ has for his church is a church that goes out into the world making disciples.  A church that feeds the hungry and comforts the afflicted.  A church where addiction is broken and brokenness is overcome.  A church that seeks to bring healing into the world and takes people where they are.

A church filled with children’s laughter and the warm smiles of family and friends.  A church where stories of hope and triumph are cherished and told again and again.  We seek to be this church.  A church where Jesus, our risen Savior, is Lord, and where his mission is our mission.

We invite you to come. Discover.  Grow.  Be a part of this mission. Worship like never before.  And find community with God and others.