Kid’s Own Worship

Have you wanted to go to worship, but didn’t know how your child would react?  Wondered whether you would even hear the message because you would have to try to keep your child busy?  PuppetsThen K.O.W. Time is for you!

K.O.W. Time includes age-appropriate activities for kids age 3 to 2nd grade.  Children worship with their parents then are dismissed to K.O.W. Time just before the sermon.

In K.O.W. Time, kids:

  • Sing songs and hear Bible stories on their level.
  • Watch puppets shows that illustrate biblical truths
  • Color, paste, and do other fun kid activities related to the Bible lesson! 

Kids love it, and–seriously–will beg their parents to take them back to church.  Parents love it too.  Not only are the kids happy and learning, but the parents can concentrate on their own worship.  Come and check it out!