Adult Bible Classes

Teaching God’s Word

Thoughtful. Dynamic. Life-changing. These are words often used to describe our Bible classes. We discuss the tough questions of faith, seeking to help each other on life’s spiritual journey. If you are looking to learn more about God, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Adult Bible Classes 

Adult Sunday – beginning at 9:45am

Auditorium – Worship taught by Stephen Lord – Worship is basic to our relationship with God.  Yet for all its importance in our walk with God, it is arguably one of the most misunderstood concepts in all of Scripture.  We will spend our limited time together attempting to both correct at least some of our misunderstanding, come to a richer appreciation of what worship is, and put that appreciation into practice.

KOW Time Room #6 – A study on Genesis taught by Derrick Mashaney – Genesis means beginnings or origin. Most everyone thinks of Genesis in terms of the creation story, but you know Genesis also details the origins of sabbath, marriage, family, sin, labor, civilization, culture, murder, sacrifice, races, languages, cities and … redemption. What relevance does Genesis have to Christians today? Join us this quarter for a study of Genesis to find out!

Adult Wednesday – beginning at 7pm

Auditorium – The Chosen taught by Roger Dingus – On Wednesday nights at 7:00 we will be watching a tv series about the life and ministry of Christ called “The Chosen”. The show is a fascinating approach to telling the story of Jesus and how he impacted the lives of those he touched. Much of the show is based on the gospel narratives and much of the show is a plausible portrayal of other New Testament characters like Mary Magdalene, Peter, Andrew, Nicodemus, John the Baptist and many others. They take the time to build backgrounds on these bible characters and then show how they react to the goodness of Jesus. Jesus’ humanity is also portrayed in this series along with his deity. The draw to Jesus, from not only the characters in the show but also from us the viewers, tugs at the heart!
This would be a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to watch and be introduced to the story of Jesus, so feel free to invite others. Please let me encourage you to come and watch this series together. No, everything isn’t perfectly portrayed, but there is much that is, and it is very moving! There will be discussion time at the end of each episode. It will be a challenge to keep it brief, but we will try to keep a close eye on the time so as not to go too long. Please come and see the series with us, even if you’ve already seen it. We will have to begin class at 7 each week in order to get through the videos and have time to discuss. I’m really excited about this!