Teaching God’s Word

Thoughtful. Dynamic. Life-changing. These are words often used to describe our Bible classes. We discuss the tough questions of faith, seeking to help each other on life’s spiritual journey. If you are looking to learn more about God, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Great Adult Bible Classes this winter (March – May)

We have some great adult class offerings. We encourage everyone to make attending Bible Classes a priority for you and your family. Take a look at all the class offerings below and make plans to participate in both Sunday morning and Wednesday night Bible Class. God will bless you and you will be glad you did.

Sunday Morning

1st & 2nd Peter continued


Peter witnessed the ministry of Christ. He knew Jesus intimately. He knew His mannerisms, His attitudes, His love for people and His love for God. He witnessed Christ’s suffering, His trial, His resurrection and His ascension. Peter had an insight into the Son of God that most who lived during the time of Jesus did not have.

When Peter speaks of things regarding Christ in his letters, he is speaking from personal experience with Him. This gives his letters a weight and intensity that you can just feel.

Toward the end of Peter’s life, he writes two letters to encourage Christians. The first letter is one of hope in the face of persecution and a description of what living the Christian life looks like. The second encourages the reader to stay faithful to truth in light of the false teaching that was becoming more prevalent and would mislead many.

This class will engage in a textual study of 1st & 2nd Peter & discuss how we can apply the text to our lives today. We will also study the book of Jude as time allows.

 Timothy & Titus
Pauls epistles to his coworks, Timothy and Titus, contains his inspired directions for the early church that also has application to us today. We will break out into discussion groups to get a better understanding of each weeks lesson. We welcome you to come study these letters with us.

Wednesday Evening

Facing Life’s Struggles
What do we do when there is nothing we can do? What do we do when we or someone we love has a problem that seems to have no solution? Our job, our marriage or life just stinks. When we are miles away from where we should be with few or no options. What can we do? Join us on Wednesday nights as we learn together how to apply the gospel message to our meantime moments.