Young Adults

young-adultsCome and be a part of the Young Adults group at the Liberty Church of Christ!  We are made up of college students, singles, and young marrieds, and we are growing.  The Young Adults also get together from time to time for Bible Study and various fun activities.  Come and enjoy the fellowship!


Our Young Adults
Young Marrieds
We have chosen the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with.  We’re starting new jobs, buying our first house, and planning for our future together.  Some of us are starting families, while others are enjoying married life without the addition of children.   We are at different stages in our young married lives, but we all share a common goal–we want to grow together as a couple and in our faith in God.




We’re out on our own now, and we’re loving it!  No curfews, lots of freedom, exciting new experiences–what a great time of life.  But sometimes we miss some of those things we got at home, like food, help with laundry, and some older, loving adults.  By being a part of the Liberty Church of Christ, we have the best of both worlds–great college friends, and a loving church family to provide support during those tough times.



Being single is a state of mind!  We love our freedom and our unattached life.  Some of the challenges that we face are meeting new people, bad blind dates and loneliness. The church family at Liberty understands our Spiritual needs.  They love and support us, and they don’t treat being single like a disease!  Liberty is a great place to make Christian friends and use our many talents for God.