Story of Redemption

Story of Redemption
An Evangelistic Bible Study for Today’s Culture

To download The Story of Redemption, click on the picture below and click “Save Target As.” Why not read this story and see if it can explain your life and bring you hope and meaning?  If you would like a guide to join you on this journey, please contact us at [email protected] or by calling us at (816)781-5134.  We look forward to hearing from you.   The breakdown of the family, constant relocation, unsafe neighborhoods, abuse, long commutes, and hectic lives have created a sense of distance from God and others.  People today long for community, for a sense of belonging.  They long for a better world–not in a distant heaven–but a better world today.  What people are most looking for is hope in their lives, an explanation for why their lives and relationships are broken, and a pathway to a better life.  The Story of Redemption tells that story. 

Story of Redemption Part 2
Story of Redemption Lesson 3
Story of Redemption Lesson 4
Story of Redemption Lesson 5
Story of Redemption Lesson 6
 Story of Redemption Lesson 7
  Story of Redemption Lesson 8