Our Deacons

Some of our ministries are listed below, as well as the deacons that help lead them. We encourage all members to see themselves involved in at least one of these ministries. If there is one that appeals to you and your gifts of service, contact the deacon and ask him how you can be involved. You will be blessed by God when you find a place to serve.

Benevolence  (Otis Barchers) – One of the ways that we, as a church, glorify God is to show loving and caring compassion for others. Otis works with our members to provide both physical and spiritual help to those who are in need.

Building – Our building is an important part of our ministry. It is a gathering place for worship, bible classes, fellowship, and provides a base of operation for our outreach in the community. Keith and Rick work with our members to provide a building facility that is clean, comfortable, functional and attractive.

Community Outreach  – Our mission as a church is to share the “good news” of Jesus with others. Our community outreach team works hand in hand with church staff, leadership and members to connect with those in the community seeking to know God.

Education – Many are involved in our education program. From the teachers who work in the classrooms to those who work behind the scenes in organizing teacher resources, all are important as we grow in our understanding of God and how to serve him. Harold works in coordinating an education program that helps all members mature in Christ.

Finance – Maintaining records, coordinating budgets, and overseeing income and expenditures helps to insure that we have the resources we need to meet the ministry goals of the church. George works closely with leadership, staff, deacons and ministry leaders to coordinate this aspect of our ministry.

Grounds (Jim Oehm) – The emphasis of Jim’s work is on the outside of the church building. He works with deacons and members to maintain the lawn and parking lots, keeping the property attractive and accessible.

Involvement (Paul Morrison) – Connecting members with ministry opportunities is what the involvement ministry is all about. Paul works with church staff, deacons, ministry leaders and members to see that each member finds their niche in ministry here at Liberty… one that fits their individual strengths and gifts.

Missions (Francisco Diaz) – We support evangelism and outreach throughout the world. Francisco is a conduit of information between our missionaries and the congregation. He helps evaluate new mission opportunities, including those that involve our own members, and encourages us as Christians to be supportive of those opportunities.

Technology (Harold Crouch and Dan Topel) – Because technology permeates every aspect of our culture, Harold and Dan lead a team of members that work with deacons, ministry leaders and staff to help us keep pace with ever changing office, worship and classroom technology needs. 

Worship – Meaningful worship is important to the congregation. This ministry involves members in leading and supporting our worship assemblies so that our worship is purposeful, uplifting and brings glory to God.

Youth Our ministry Leader is Devin Warrington, who works closely with parents and members to provide opportunities for our young people to grow closer to one another, strengthen their faith and serve God.