Women were a tremendous part of the ministry of the early church.  In Scripture we see that women:

  • Prayed and prophesied (Acts 2:17-18; 21:9; 1 Cor. 11:5).
  • Taught younger women (Titus 2:3-5), children (2 Timothy 1:5), and men who were not yet baptized (Acts 18:26); also told whole villages about Christ (John 4:28).
  • Contended for the gospel at Paul’s side (Phil. 4:2-3), serving as fellow workers (Rom. 16:3).
  • Did good and helped the poor (Acts 9:36).
  • Opened their houses to the church, playing the role of hostess (Acts 16:15, 40).
  • Worked hard for the church (Rom. 16:6, 12).
  • Were hospitable (1 Tim. 5:9).
  • Helped those in trouble (1 Tim. 5:9).
  • Devoted themselves to all kinds of good deeds (1 Tim. 5:10).

The women at the Liberty Church of Christ are active in serving the Lord in all of these ways.  We have women who serve on outreach teams, organize events, minister to the poor, teach, write curriculum, are a part of discipleship groups, and much more.  These are all done primarily through our regular ministries in which women lead and serve.  To be involved in these ministries, please see our regular ministry leaders. 

We have several ministry areas that provide additional services to the congregation, many which are more traditional in nature or pertain to women.  These are listed below.

  • The Food Ministry –  Provides emergency meals, food for funerals, and food for the sick.
  • The Nursery Ministry –  Provides nursery care during our morning worship time. 
  • The Fellowship Ministry –  Helps prepare and clean up after our fellowship meals and activities. 
  • The Special Occasions Ministry –Plans our baby showers, wedding showers, ladies brunch, graduation and going away dinners.

These ministries welcome your assistance, so contact the office of ministry leader if you are interested in serving in one or more of these areas. 

We want to assist our women in developing their spiritual health through prayer time, Bible study groups, and women’s classes.  We want our sisters to connect with each other through special events and activities.  Ladies, we invite you to participate in our weekly, monthly and annual events at Liberty Church of Christ that are designed for women.

All areas and committees are ready to receive new servants seeking to do God’s work.  Please be in prayer about your talents so God can lead you to serve in one or more of these various ministries.

Weekly events include:

  • Ladies’ Bible Study on Wednesday mornings at 10 AM at the building.
  • The opportunity to use your skills in teaching one of our children’s Bible classes or in the KOW Time Rotation.

Monthly events include:

  • Monday Night Ladies’ Bible Study is usually on the 1st Monday of every month.  This study currently takes place at the church building beginning at 7pm.  This study is open to all ladies.

Annual events include:

  • At least once during the year, a ladies’ brunch or special day is scheduled.