Life Groups

Life Groups provide an opportunity for Liberty’s members to share life with one another in a small group setting.  For many, “group life” extends from these meetings to include other informal opportunities for interaction throughout the month. 

Life Groups usually take on the personality of their leaders and group members. While groups may differ in practice and emphasis, all share a primary goal of developing close, intimate relationships.   Group meetings might include food, fellowship, conversation and prayer. Some groups will have regular devotions and Bible studies.  Others might lean toward doing service projects together as a group. Still others may be coming together just to form closer friendships with each other. Throughout the year, groups take advantage of opportunities to serve one another, the church and the community. Regardless of your preference in a small group ministry, you should be able to find a Life Group that you can get enthused about.
Each group will determine their focus, location for their meetings and if their meetings will include food. Group sizes usually range from 10 to 20 adults plus children and usually meet in member’s homes. The life groups meet at various times on Sunday and this year each group will determine the number of times they will meet each month. Throughout the year, groups take advantage of opportunities to serve one another, the church and the community. Please find a life group where you can share your gifts, talents and be involved.
To participate in Life Groups, simply:
•         Check out the information provided about each group.
•         Identify a group that meets your needs and interests. 
•         Contact the leader and let them know you want to be involved.

There will also be a Bible Study at the church building each Sunday night at 5 PM for those who want to come to the building or on the weeks your Life Group is not meeting. Our Life Group leaders are Otis Barchers, Roger Dingus, Stephen Lord, Dennis Meyers, John Miller, Derek Noftzger, Woody Fincher, John Richardson & Murray Stewart.